New Items!

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3 May, 2017, 12:59 PM UTC

New Items!

Gather Resources From Hamlets Even Faster!

Frustrated with the slow progress at Hamlets? Worry not! Brand new Items are available from the Black Market: Hamlet Gathering Speed Boosts!

The Boosts accelerate Gathering Speed at Hamlets by 25% or 50%, allowing you to get the Resources you need, faster!

Important information:

1. Hamlet Gathering Speed Boosts apply only to Hamlets captured while the Item is active. Any Hamlets captured before the Item is activated will not be affected by the Boosts.

2. Only one Hamlet Gathering Speed Boost can be active at one time. Their effects are not cumulative, nor can you queue successive Boosts. For example, if you activate a 25% Boost while you already have a 50% Boost active, the 25% Boost will simply override the 50% one.

3. You can acquire Hamlet Gathering Speed Boosts from the Black Market, "Resources" tab, "Hamlet Gathering Speed Boosts".

Make haste! Use Hamlet Resources to train the army of your dreams!

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