St. Patrick Events!

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16 March, 2017, 3:11 PM UTC

St. Patrick Events!

Make your own luck this week with St. Patrick's Day Events!

Lords and Ladies of Stormfall!

This week, in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the following special Tournaments and in-game Events shall be held across Darkshine:

- St. Patrick’s League XP Tournament. Your and your fellow League members' goal will be to complete in-game tasks and gain XP. This will earn you Tournament Points. Bear in mind: everyone's contribution to the League's total amount of Points is crucial here! Collect Points together with your League members and you shall all receive spectacular Rewards when the Tournament ends!

- St. Patrick’s Solo PvP Tournament. Whether you choose to engage the Castles, Beacons or Fortresses of your opponents or defend your own, you will receive Tournament Points and, thus, Rewards, for all rival Units defeated!

- Solo and League Battleground Tournaments. Engage Battlegrounds to defeat Balur’s forces and defend those in need - on your own and together with your fellow League members, respectively - and you shall receive Rewards for your bravery!

- Solo Development Tournament. In order to compete in this Tournament, you just need to develop your Castle and master your Lost Arts. Make sure you seize this opportunity to win Rewards!

- League Fortress Tournament. Band together with your League to upgrade your League Fortress, downgrade enemy Fortresses and defeat rival Units to win marvelous prizes!

- Special St. Patrick’s Gift to mark the occasion. Visit the "Events" menu to claim it, and use it for the good of your Castle!

- Special Offers and Discounts. Make sure you visit the Black Market in the days around St. Patrick’s and seize the opportunity to replenish your stock with valuable Items!

The festivities shall soon commence!

Make your own luck with a whole week of St. Patrick's Day Events!

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