Romantic Valentine's Events Are Starting Soon!

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10 February, 2017, 12:52 PM UTC

Valentine's Events!

Romantic Valentine's Events Are Starting Soon!

Valentine's Day is near at hand – and we shall be marking the event with a spectacular fight for love and glory! The week ahead shall bring the following festive events to Stormfall:

- The Valentine's Solo PvP Tournament. Look no further for an opportunity to dedicate your victory to someone truly special!

- The Special Solo XP Tournament. A perfect chance to increase your Level and win Sapphires in the name of Love!

- Additional Solo and League Tournaments requiring you to:

1. Engage Battlegrounds

2. Upgrade your League Fortress

3. Downgrade the Fortresses of your rivals and defeat their Units

4. Develop your Castle

5. Slay monsters with your Dragon

- A Special Valentine’s Gift and a range of generous Discounts. Use them for the good of your Castle!

May your Archers’ arrows fly as straight and true as those of Cupid!

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