New Building Levels!

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16 December, 2016, 10:53 AM UTC

Building Levels!

Upgrade your buildings to new, higher levels and receive even more bonuses!

Our mages, alchemists and smiths have together developed new ways to improve your Castle’s structures! Henceforth, many of your Buildings can be upgraded to new Levels – several of which grant very special military and economic advantages. You can explore these bonuses by tapping the ""Details"" button in the Info tab of your Buildings.

You can now:

- Upgrade the Sentry House, the Order of Knights, the Hall of Shadows, and/or the Council of Mages to increase their training queues. Moreover, reaching Level 22 will grant an Offensive combat bonus to the relevant Units!

- Upgrade the Eagle's Nest to further expand its Range. As a bonus, your Resource gathering rates at Hamlets will be boosted at Level 21, and you will receive a Castle Defense Bonus at Level 22.

- Upgrade House of Scrolls further to boost Lost Art discovery/upgrade speed.

- Upgrade Townhouses and Mines further to produce more Gold and Iron per hour. Level 40 will also grant an Offensive bonus to your Units.

- Upgrade Farms to further increase the amount of Food produced per hour. Levels 39 and 40 will provide you with a Food Consumption Reduction bonus!

- Upgrade Warehouses and Barns to further increase their capacity.

Do not let your Craftsmen sit idle! Take advantage of these new Levels to make your Castle among the most powerful in the realm!

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