Harvest Festival XP Exhibition!

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21 November, 2016, 12:12 PM UTC

Harvest Festival XP Exhibition!

Venture forth and explore Darkshine! Gain Experience for various in-game tasks. Demonstrate your battle skills, develop your Castle into a thing of beauty or delve into the Lost Arts and amaze the other Lords and Ladies of the land - all is fair in this Tournament! You will be granted one Tournament Point for every Experience Point you gain during the course of the Tournament. Thus, as you grow, so shall your rewards!

Take heed of one exception: Daily Quests, while they yield Experience Points, shall not bring you Tournament Points.

This Tournament is intended for Leagues only. Upon the completion of the Tournament, a League Reward shall be granted to all participating League Members. The more points your League earns collectively, the greater the prize! Urge your League Members to contribute to get the most out of this Tournament!

If your League earns a position in the top of the Rankings, all participating League Members shall be granted additional prizes upon Tournament completion!

leave a comment if you are proud of your League!

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