Special Tournament!

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26 October, 2016, 3:36 PM UTC

Special Tournament!

Defeat your enemies at Beacons and revive your fallen for free after the Tournament!

In the Beacon Massacre PVP Tournament, you are tasked with defeating rival Units at Beacons. You will earn Tournament Points for Units you slay while defending Beacons you hold, as well as those you slay while attempting to capture rival Leagues' Beacons.

The Beacon Massacre Tournament provides a perfect opportunity to expand your League's Realm. You will be able to revive 90% of the Units lost in PvP combat at Beacons during the Tournament for FREE. Note that you will only be able to revive them for free AFTER the Tournament has ended. The rest of your defeated Units can be revived in the Infirmary as usual.

Important: Slaying Balur's warriors during the Tournament WILL NOT earn you Tournament Points. Likewise, Units you lose while fighting Balur's army WILL NOT be recoverable for free. Please also note that it will not be possible to earn certain League Achievements during the Beacon Massacre Tournament.

All League members, including Neophytes are invited to take part in the Beacon Massacre Tournament.

Make haste! Rally your League members and ride to conquer new Beacons!

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