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Rewards for Loyalty!

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1 April, 2015, 9:37 AM UTC

Log in to the game every day to get Daily Loyalty Roll Rewards!

The gods must favor you, my Lord! From now on, you shall be granted Resources, Units, and other valuable items for each consecutive day that you log in to the game during a 90-day period.

Your Rewards shall get better each day! Any Units you receive shall march straight to your Catacombs; Sapphires, Resource Packs and other Items shall be stored in the “My Items” tab at the Black Market.

Check what the gods have prepared for you by tapping on the “Calendar” icon at the bottom of the screen - you will see it when you log in to the game for the first time each day. Thereafter, you can see it by tapping the “Paragon” icon at the top of the screen and opening the “Daily Loyalty Roll” tab.

Remember, my Lord: if you fail to log in to the game for even one day, you shall have to start from the very beginning!


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