Special Tournament! Huge Rewards to be won!

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13 May, 2016, 1:48 PM UTC

Special Tournament!

Prove you are a worthy warrior of Captain Amelia in this mighty contest! Huge Rewards to be won!

What could be finer than a good, old-fashioned melee in honor of Stormfall’s most illustrious warrior princess? Only fighting alongside your fellow League members and earning rewards for it!

The Special Solo PvP Tournament is a "Multiplier Tournament", meaning that while individual strength is important, teamwork is paramount. Slay rival Units together with your brothers and sisters in arms. By doing so, you shall earn Tournament Points. The more Tournament Points collected by your fellow League members, the greater the multiplier and, accordingly, your reward!

To arms, my Lords and Ladies! Ready your armies, take part in the Tournament, and claim what’s rightfully yours!

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