You can read about the changes introduced in Version 1.77!

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5 May, 2016, 1:29 PM UTC

Lords and Ladies of Darkshine, here are some of the changes you shall find in Version 1.77.

- Dragon feature improvements

- Improvements of the pop-up window, now showing the Resources needed for building/upgrade

- Optimization changes to reduce your device’s battery consumption while the app is running

- Less realm given just for upgrading your League Fortress. Your League now needs to also get Achievements and capture Beacons in order to reach the top of the League Rankings!

- Updated League Fortress balance. The amount of time and Resources required to improve Fields of Knowledge has been significantly reduced. Note that there can be no downgrade of your League Fortress when your Fortress is at Level 5.

- Fixed the issue with Unit training time when the Dragon’s Lost Art is active.

We trust that these changes shall make your gaming experience even more enjoyable!


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