Skull Rune Balancer!

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4 May, 2016, 3:38 PM UTC

Skull Rune Balancer!

A New Item Has Arrived! Redistributing Skull Runes Has Never Been So Easy!

The Elders of Stormfall have discovered a new way of managing Skull Runes at the Obelisk of Power - the Skull Rune Balancer!

From now on, Skull Rune distribution works as follows: as always, players can redistribute their Skull Runes at the Obelisk of Power once for free. You can then alter the characteristics of your Units by applying previously used Skull Runes to a different Enchantment at the Obelisk of Power with the help of the Skull Rune Balancer.

The Skull Rune Balancer is available at the Black Market, in the "Items" tab. Open the "Hero" subtab of this menu to find it!

Master Skull Redistribution today, and gain the upper hand over your rivals!

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