Hero Lost Arts!

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7 April, 2016, 10:41 AM UTC

Discover and upgrade new Hero Lost Arts! Break Equipment faster! Get more Shards!

Lords and Ladies!

The Scribes have brought word of new Lost Arts! Now you can get more powerful benefits from your Hero Equipment!

Breaking your Hero’s unwanted Equipment into Shards, and using those Shards for improving other pieces of Equipment, improves your Unit statistics and allows you to gain an advantage in battle. Breaking Equipment is a tough job, but the new Lost Arts can save you time and provide greater rewards!

You Hero’s new Lost Arts function as follows:

Anvil of Lovar (I-IV) - Upgrade these Lost Arts to be able to break Equipment faster. Anvil of Lovar I will apply to Class I Equipment, Anvil of Lovar II to Class II Equipment, Anvil of Lovar III to Class III Equipment, and Anvil of Lovar IV to Class IV Equipment.

Shard Mill (I-IV) - Upgrade these Lost Arts to obtain more Shards when breaking Equipment. Shard Mill I will apply to Class I Equipment, Shard Mill II to Class II Equipment, Shard Mill III to Class III Equipment, and Shard Mill IV to Class IV Equipment.

Remember: Class I Equipment improves Infantry Units only; Class II Equipment improves Cavalry and Infantry Units; Class III Equipment improves Occult, Cavalry, and Infantry Units; while Class IV Equipment improves all 4 Unit types - Bestiary, Occult, Cavalry, and Infantry Units.

The Scribes have also uncovered a further Lost Art: Crystal Smuggling. Discovering and upgrading this Lost Art will increase the probability that Crystals will be granted for completing Daily Quests.

Good news! None of the new Lost Arts require Scrolls to be discovered! Simply go to the House of Scrolls to set your Scribes to work!

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