New Lost Arts!

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4 March, 2016, 10:04 AM UTC

Discover and upgrade new Lost Arts to maximize the amount of Resources you gain!

Resources are very important for developing your Castle and growing and maintaining your armies, so make sure the Resource production is as efficient as possible with the following Lost Arts added to your House of Scrolls:

- Food Production. Food is essential for maintaining your Units. Upgrade this Lost Art to maintain large armies and develop your Castle.
- Gold Production. Gold is essential for hiring Defensive Units. Upgrade this Lost Art and raise a strong defensive army to keep your Castle well-defended.
- Iron Production. Iron is essential for hiring Offensive Units. Upgrade this Lost Art and train a fearsome offensive army to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!
- Daily Quest Yield. Daily Quests allow you to earn special Rewards without putting yourself in harm's way - just log into the game every day, start the Quest, and receive valuable Resources upon its completion. 

Upgrade this Lost Art to increase the number of Resources you receive for completing Daily Quests. 

May Eir smile upon your path.

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