Introducing New Battlegrounds Button

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4 March, 2016, 10:01 AM UTC

Save time with a convenient button and new filters that will help you earn Equipment for your Hero!

Lords and Ladies!

There is now a quicker way to access Battlegrounds from the main game window! No more fruitless searching for where you built the Eagle's Nest - simply tap on the Sword button under the events button and there they are: a plethora of challenging Battlegrounds simply waiting for your Armies.

Additionally, the newly installed filters will help you find the perfect Battleground! With just a tap or two, you can now sort Battlegrounds according to Level, both ascending and descending, as well as displaying only Offensive or only Defensive Battlegrounds if you so choose. Just the job for the Lord or Lady in a hurry! 

Stormfall needs your help on the field of battle! Go and fight to get that Equipment for your Hero! 

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