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16 February, 2016, 11:18 AM UTC

New Resource Sites have appeared on the Map of Stormfall!

Good tidings, Lords and Ladies!

New, hitherto unseen Resource Sites have been discovered across the lands of Stormfall - Hamlets!

Each Hamlet produces a single, valuable Resource, which can be gathered and brought back to your Castle. In order to obtain Resources from a Hamlet, you must capture it and hold it for a certain period of time.

Hamlets also offer a new interaction: Attacks. Although Attacking other players' Hamlets will not allow you to collect Resources, you will earn both Experience Points and Ranking Points for Attacks, as well as Tournament Points if a Hamlet Tournament is active.

Take heed of the following points to engage successfully with Hamlets:

- A Hamlet can be captured ONLY with a mixed army of Offensive and Defensive Units.

- Offensive Units will capture the Hamlet, but will not take part in gathering Resources. Once the Hamlet is captured, they will head back to the Catacombs of your Castle. If the Hamlet is already held by another player, you will need to overpower their Defensive Units at the Hamlet to capture it.

- Defensive Units will not help with capturing the Hamlet, but will gather Resources from the Hamlet after the Capture is complete. Your Defensive Units will also defend against the Attacks and Capture attempts of other players on the Hamlet you are holding.

- If you Attack a Hamlet with both Offensive and Defensive Units, your Defensive Units WILL participate in the battle and will likely suffer heavy losses.

After you capture a Hamlet and your Defensive Units have gathered as many Resources as their combined carrying capacity allows, they will leave the Hamlet and head back to your Castle with the Resources. You will receive a report from your Herald detailing the amount of Resources collected.

NOTE: As soon as your Defensive Units have left the Hamlet, you will no longer control it. If you want to return to gather more Resources, you will need to re-capture the Hamlet.

There’s no time to lose! Assemble your warriors and capture Hamlets before your rivals do!

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