Choose Your Hero!

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11 February, 2016, 10:10 AM UTC

Fight at Battlegrounds! Collect Hero Equipment! Gain an Advantage Over Your Enemies!

Lords and Ladies!

A new dawn for Stormfall! Heroes have come to lead your Armies into Battle!

Your Hero will be your most important asset in forthcoming battles. Equipping your Hero with special Equipment and upgrading these Items will grant your army special bonuses, enhancing your Units’ statistics. Each Lord and Lady will be allowed only one Hero.

To choose your Hero, go to the Quests Menu and scroll down to the "Miscellaneous" Category. Then, tap the "Select your Hero" Quest and follow the steps to choose and personalize one of three Heroes. Don’t worry too much about which Hero you choose to begin with: You can change your Hero’s appearance or name at any time using special Items found at the Black Market.

You can equip your Hero with Equipment Items to boost the statistics of your units. Equipment Items are obtained by Attacking and Defending Battlegrounds. Each Piece of Equipment has distinct qualities that will improve the effectiveness of certain Units, either Offensive or Defensive, depending on the Equipment itself.

The Inventory is where your Hero’s Equipment is kept. A limited number of Equipment Items can be stored in your Hero’s Inventory, although it is possible to unlock additional Slots using Sapphires, which allow you to store more Equipment. Once all of the Slots have been filled, you must either Break Equipment Items into Shards, or remove them in order to free up space. Once the Inventory is full, any new Equipment Items collected will be automatically sent to the Temporary Inventory.

Items in the Temporary Inventory will be stored for 2 days after they are found, after which time they will be destroyed unless you move them to your Inventory or equip your Hero with them. NOTE: If both of your Inventories are full and you receive new Equipment from battles, the newest Items will replace the oldest ones in the Temporary Inventory.

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11 February, 2016, 5:18 PM UTC

Hi, you don't receive units anymore in the battlegrounds??

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12 February, 2016, 6:44 AM UTC

Battlegrounds work the same.

But you can also get items, chests or keys there.
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