Changes in 1.74 version

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11 February, 2016, 9:00 AM UTC

Lords and Ladies of Darkshine, here are some of the improvements and bug fixes made in version 1.74. 


- We made minor improvements of the game’s performance on slower devices. 

- Buildings should no longer collide. No more Walls on top of the Guardian Trolls! 

- When on a mission, Spies display the correct power now. 


- Big changes for the Neophytes. Now you can earn Rewards in League Tournaments if you were part of a League for more than 7 days! 

- The ability to purchase Contacts with Soulstones is back! The Scribes replenished their supply of paper and are now ready to work.

- When you open the Obelisk of Power, you will get back to the last researched Enchantment instead of the beginning of the skill tree. 

We hope that these changes will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable! 

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