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Patchnotes version 1.73

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25 December, 2015, 11:43 AM UTC

Lords and Ladies of Darkshine, Here are some of the improvements and bug fixes made in the new 1.73 version of the game.

The following issues were fixed:

- You will no longer see your email as “Unconfirmed” when you have logged in with your Plarium ID.

- Unread messages will not be out of order anymore.

- Buildings should no longer clip, except for Level 5 Walls (but not for long).

- Castle Defense values are now displayed correctly in Battle Reports.

- When clicking on the “Revenge” button, the option to send “Reinforcements” is no longer displayed (doing so resulted in an error message).

- You can now recall all your Defensive Units from the Beacon without receiving an error message.

We have altered the descriptions of some of the Achievements and Quests to make them clearer.

We have also made the following improvements:

- You no longer need to hit the “Close” button when a Tournament is over and you have not collected enough Points to receive a Reward; the Tournaments will close and disappear from the tab automatically.

- League Marshals are now able to send Units to Beacons using the Beacon menu.

- Minor improvements for menus on low-resolution devices.

- Minor performance improvements for weak devices.

We hope that these changes will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable!

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