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Winter in Stormfall!

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23 December, 2015, 4:40 PM UTC

Celebrate the Holidays with new Avatars and Castle Skins!

My Lords and Ladies!

You may have awoken today to a curious sight - snow upon the lands of Darkshine! Yes, the Holidays are near. However, snow alone does not give the Holidays their spirit. There is now another way! Henceforth, you may change your appearance in your profile to express your newfound Holiday cheer. Do this by choosing one of the 4 newly added Avatars and make your enemies tremble with fear... or joyous laughter, whichever you please.

Additionally, you shall find 2 new Castle Skins in the “Misc.” tab of the Black Market (in the Items section). Aside from merely adding to the glory and grandeur of your Castle, each Skin shall also improve your Castle’s Defense Bonus!

Awe your allies and leave your enemies cowering under the brightness of your Holiday spirit!

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