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Travel Boosts!

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4 March, 2015, 5:31 PM UTC

Significantly reduce your travel time for all maneuvers.

The element of surprise is essential to any Lord in Darkshine! Swing the outcome of the battle in your favor – strike your enemies before they are able to react!

Use Travel Boosts to reduce the travel time of your Units by either 50% or 25% - to any location!

You can get Travel Boosts at the Black Market, within the "Items" section, under the “Boosts” tab.

Be aware: the effects of Travel Boosts CANNOT be combined or added together. Two Travel Boosts of 50% will not bring your Units to the target instantly. If applied consecutively, the first Travel Boost will cut the arrival time in half, and the second will then cut the remaining travel time in half again.

Use Travel Boosts wisely, for they may be enough to turn the tide of the war in Darkshine!


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