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Brand New Forum Improvements!

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7 October, 2015, 2:35 PM UTC

1) Public profile

You may now view the profile information of any player simply by clicking on his or her avatar in a forum thread. You may also send a Private Message (PM) to that player instantly!

In addition, you may now customize your Forum avatars! You may even use animated GIF avatars, if you like. Just copy and paste the URL of your desired avatar image into the corresponding field in your profile:

2) Avatars

User avatars are now visible while composing Private Messages (PMs). Now you can always identify your recipient by their avatar – no more uncomfortable situations caused by confusing players with similar usernames!

3) PMs with Forum administrators

You may now contact Forum administrators with PMs. Simply hit the “Contact” button under the administrator’s avatar to send an instant message!


4) PM editing

You may now quickly edit your PMs, in case you make any mistakes. Also, you can sort your PMs by date.

5) Links to International Forums in the page header

We’ve provided more convenient links to the French, German, and Russian-laguage player forums! It is easier than ever to surf between Forums and languages.

6) Group conversations

Group conversations are now live! Gather your allies and coordinate battle tactics together! 

7) Links will be automatically displayed as hyperlinks so you don't need to add them manually.

8) The maximum amount of characters in the Topic's title has been increased up to 2000.

We hope you enjoy these new features! Try them out by giving us your feedback on the Forums now!

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