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Relocation Proclamation!

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8 September, 2015, 10:32 AM UTC

Use Gateways to relocate your Castle!

Have you ever wished to be closer to your allies and farther from your enemies, my Lord? Now your wish can come true! From now on, you shall be able to change your Castle's position on the Map with the help of the Gateway of Precision or the Gateway of Chance, both now available at the Black Market under the Miscellaneous tab. The Gateway of Chance shall relocate your Castle to a vacant, randomly selected position on the Map, while the Gateway of Precision allows you to move your Castle to a Vacant Lot at the coordinates of your choosing.

And you need not fear for the survival of your army, nor the Resources and Reinforcements you have sent to your allies - they shall not be affected by your Castle’s relocation!

Make haste, my Lord! The advantage you gain by making use of Gateways should not be squandered.

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8 September, 2015, 12:01 PM UTC

To avoid general questions:

  1. Gateways are SINGLE-USE!
  2. Vacant Lots are special zones where other Castles can be moved. Vacant Lots cannot be raided, reconned, etc. When a Castle Relocates, its original coordinates turn into a Vacant Lot. If a player is inactive for an extremely long time, their Castke will turn into a Vacant Lot. When that player logs in again, their Castle will be automatically relocated.
  3. If another player sends Troops to your Castle while it is being relocated, they will be returned to their owner’s Catacombs. Oberon will inform the other Player of any returned Units in a special message.
  4. Battleground or Saga Quests objectives will move along with your Castle. When you reach your new coordinates, these locations may appear to be located differently, but the distance between them and your Castle will stay the same.

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