Barbarian Aliens Needs Players Like YOU!

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28 September, 2017, 7:48 PM UTC

The Barbarian Aliens are looking for new members! We are the Barbarians and we are a league NOT focused on holding beacons and the needless drama that goes on with them. We are focused on PVP, and destroying beacons and league fortresses during tournaments.  

We work with players of all skill sets and levels of experience. It doesn't matter if your just logging in for the first time or triple digits castle level. We aim to help each other build up castles and armies so that we can smash our enemies!  

Rank is earned, never given. You are promoted based upon your level of participation and scoring on tournaments.

Our league is friendly and will help with resources or questions. Our league is also depending on you to help out with tournaments and league quests!

We are the Barbarian Aliens and you can find us in the league hall search using BRB.

Message Evil.L.C prior to joining.

The Barbarian Aliens need you! Join Today!


1). MUST HAVE LINE APP. It's a free down load from the App Store. It is necessary to weed out spies and maintain league security

2). Must be an active player

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