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14 March, 2016, 2:31 PM UTC

A guide to the Dragon

My Lords and Ladies, have you ever dreamt of having an unusual pet? Something big, strong, and, perhaps, even fire-breathing? Yes, taking care of a dragon is a challenge, but the rewards are worth the effort! Are you ready to take a plunge and try it out?

In this guide, I will touch upon the main features of the Dragon and the bonuses it provides!

Taming the Dragon 

To tame the Dragon -- which by the way will not cost you anything -- you will need to build a special Building in your Castle - the Dragon Stone. It will house your humongous pet reptile. After the Dragon Stone is constructed, you will be able to interact with your Dragon and take advantage of the Bonuses it gives.

Dragon Gameplay Basics

The Dragon Stone will be constructed in a vacant slot of your Castle.

In the Dragon Stone window you will find three tabs: Info, Battle, and Dragon Arts.

In the Info tab, you can select the Dragon Art Bonuses you wish to activate. You will receive the benefits of the selected Dragon Arts for as long as the selected Dragon Bonuses are active. Here, you can also change the name of your Dragon.

In the Battle tab, you can slay Monsters with your Dragon and receive Dragon Points. Each successful attack and victory over the Monster will earn you Dragon Points.

The Dragon Arts tab contains the Dragon Arts tree. Discover and upgrade Dragon Arts to receive a wide variety of bonuses.

The Dragon has 2 states - Active and Not active.

All bonuses are active only when the Dragon is active. If the period when the Dragon was active has expired while the event affected by the Dragon bonus is still in progress, the bonus will be no longer affecting it.

Activating Bonuses

Each player starts with one unlocked slot for selecting and activating Dragon Arts. In order to increase the number of slots available, you must discover the Dragon Art of Additional Slots. This increases the amount of Dragon Arts you can have activated and receive bonuses from at once. There are 5 Arts of this kind; discovering each of them will unlock an additional slot in the Dragon Bonuses section of the Info tab.

Fighting Monsters 

In the Battle tab, you can fight Monsters with your Dragon. In order to attack a Monster, swipe across its image on your screen. The HP bar above the Monster will show how much damage you have dealt. Meanwhile, the Mana bar at the bottom of the screen shows how many attempts at hitting the Monster are remaining. Mana will become exhausted regardless of whether you hit or miss the Monster. If your attack is unsuccessful, you will see the word "Miss!" on your screen.

Once all Mana has been exhausted, your Dragon will be unable to continue fighting. If this happens, you will have two options: you can either wait for your Mana to replenish itself, or refresh your Mana instantly in exchange for Sapphires.

Note: When attacking a Monster, you can perform a Regular or a Critical hit. It is also possible that you miss thus inflicting no damage to the Monster. The Dragon Points are added to your balance after each successful hit.

Dragon Resources 

Dragon Points are used for discovering and upgrading Dragon Arts. Fighting and slaying Monsters in the Battle tab of the Dragon Stone will earn you Dragon Points, after which you can check how many Points you have earned by visiting the Info tab.

In order to earn more Dragon Points for fighting Monsters, you need to discover and upgrade the "Master of Monsters" Dragon Art.

Please note: If you select this Dragon Art and activate its Bonus while still fighting a Monster, the Bonus will not become active until after that Monster has been slayed. However, the bonus will be applied to the next Monster you defeat.

Tempest Dragon, Whirlwind Dragon, Inferno Dragon Marks - these items are required for activating the Dragon Bonuses of Arcane Dragon Arts. Dragon Marks can be earned during Tournaments.

Dragon Arts 

Studying Dragon Arts allows you to receive a variety of bonuses, such as an increased Resource production rate, accelerated Unit Training and Movement Speed, Offense and Defense Boosts, and much more. In order to discover and upgrade Dragon Arts, you will require Dragon Points.

Dragon Arts are divided into two major groups - Conventional and Arcane Dragon Arts. The main difference between the two is as follows: the Bonuses from Conventional Dragon Arts can be activated without Dragon Marks, while Arcane Dragon Art Bonuses require Dragon Marks to activate.

There are two further classifications: Elementary Dragon Arts and Advanced Dragon Arts. Elementary Dragon Arts can be found near the top of the Dragon Arts Tree, while Advanced Dragon Arts are found further down. Each Elementary Dragon Art has a corresponding Advanced Dragon Art, which is distinguished by a round icon with the numeral II. Advanced Dragon Arts become available as soon as you have upgraded the corresponding Elementary Dragon Art to the maximum Level available.

Dragon Arts Limits

  • Only one Dragon Art can be studied at any given time.
  • Dragon Arts can be studied only in the order they appear in the Arts Tree.
  • You can start studying the Advanced Dragon Art only after you finish studying and upgrading the Elementary Dragon Art.
  • If you have upgraded the Dragon Art that was activated at the moment the upgrade finished, the bonus will remain the same as it was when you activated the Dragon.

Dragon Arts Bonuses 

Research time - Boosts research speed of all Lost Arts, except the Dragon Arts.

Construction time - Boosts construction\upgrade speed of Buildings.

Training time - Boosts Unit training speed.

Castle Defense bonus - Increases Castle Defense bonus.

Resource production - Increases Food, Gold, and Iron production.

Maranian Amulets conversion speed - Boosts Maranian Amulets conversion speed.

Recruit Spies/Offense/Defense instantly - High level bonus. Units are trained instantly. Activation requires Dragon Marks.

Deliver Food/Gold/Iron instantly - When the Dragon is activated, the Resources that were displayed in the Dragon Arts window as a reward are instantly sent to Warehouses and Barns.

Provide Defense/Attack power boost - increases Offense\Defense of all player’s Units.

Units’ speed boost - increases the speed at which your Units move.

Dragon research time - boosts the research speed of all Dragon Arts.

Monster Food capacity - increases the number of the Dragon Points received from the Dragon Stone Monster.

Hit refresh time - decreases the time required for the Dragon hits to refresh.

Lords and Ladies, may the Dragon become your faithful companion! Defeat the Monsters and study your Dragon Arts wisely.

Make haste! Give a powerful boost to your army!  

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