Why r tournaments and its prizes getting worse and worse !?

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21 December, 2017, 8:08 AM UTC

I will go strait to the point :

The tournaments are getting worse and worse and prizes from those tournaments r so pathetic and are basically insolting - you need 30 k points for 2 fucking dragons ? 

I know you r trying to get people to spend as much money ad they can and this is the way you earn your money but what is too much is really to much...

Listen to the players please...everybody is very unsatisfied except a few credit card guys who don t give a shit about anything...

You r killing the game and you r makinh it worse anf worse...insteaf making it better anf better you r making it worse...

Another isue is offers you people create...again it is for the people with lots of money - I get it but offers are also getting worse and worse...

I used to buy with you and I can afford it to buy even more if I want buy I will not di it because offers r really getting insulting...

Instead meaking better offers and giving better prizes for the tournaments ( xp ,pvp and so on...) you are giving less and less...I will tell you why this a mistake is - with better prizes people will be more involveld in tournaments and will have also more army ( the ones that play tournaments) ..another thing more anf more people will join and you would have a monster game in the future...this current way it is going to go into shit...

Amazing how you don t understand this...noone is attacking anymore and game is becoming boring while you r pushing people into buying...more pople would buy but in this current way they feel cheated and will not buy on purpose...


take care ! :)

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21 December, 2017, 1:29 PM UTC

Hello, my Lord!

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for taking time and sharing your feedback.

Let's start with the Tournaments. 

The main thing we should remember about them is that they're based on the in-game activity players are doing in terms of the usual gameplay no matter whether the Tournament is running or not. It means that the Rewards you receive in the Tournament are some additional bonuses.

Plus, we have really a lot of Tournaments with the different set of Rewards, you can choose the one you like most of all and concentrate on it. You don't have to take part in the Tournament you don't like.

As for the Offers, there are also a lot of them and they are changing constantly. 

If you don't like the current Offer, you can just wait for a more suitable one and sooner or later you'll receive it.

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30 December, 2017, 6:25 AM UTC


Ok...since you don t understand - example : you need 20 k points for 2 wyverns ! For just 2 !!! Then it s getting better and better - next you need 30 k for another 3 wyverns etc...

You don t get additional bonuses from tournaments if I have to spend 1 m offense to get lets say 15 k pts which gives me back 200 k off in lets say necros - my los is 800 k then....you want people to play tournaments ? - start giving good prizes....the prizes are really pathetic

I understand that you what people to buy and buy saphirres and army but it no one plays tournaments the game is getting boring and people are quitting it more and more...you are killing the game instead trying to involve it...it s a piece of advice....

You greedy bastards 

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2 January, 2018, 11:47 AM UTC

Hello, my Lord! I got your point, but we're discussing different points of view on these events.

The main thing you need to remember, Tournaments are optional events and to get the more profitable result you need to join Tournaments which is similar to your daily actions in the game. If you attack the Castles every day, you can join PvP Tournaments, and in this case, you'll do your daily actions and receive extra bonuses without spending the resources and time. But, for example, if you don't attack BGs and you want to receive the reward for the BG's Tournament, of course, it won't be profitable. You'll need to spend time and resources to get the higher results.

Also, keep in mind, all events in the game are optional and you don't have to join all of them. If you think you're not ready for the event or you know it won't bring you some good rewards, you can skip the event and focus on high-priority tasks in the game. Only you can choose the way you'll play. 

I hope this information will be useful! 

Happy Holidays! 

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