Fortress losses during attack

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25 June, 2017, 12:17 PM UTC


Our league just attacked a lvl 10 fort but it was kinda strange... they seriously wold us that we spent kinda 1mio off to kill almost exactly 100k def of the opponent fort def... I've sent 4mio just to kill something like 400k... everybody in my league had such big losses but the enemies have been as half as strong like us.. we attacked early in the morning and activated all boosters... I don't understand it... please explain me how to Crack enemies forts if it's not possible to Crack a 25 members fort with 100mio off lol... I'm really frusted (again...)... it's getting more expensive and the system more and more socks out money and fun... we already think about leaving this gayme.. what ever... looking forward the support that will tell me again, that everything is right and the system works well.. they don't like to talk about their mistakes... lol : /

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Alina Bright
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26 June, 2017, 10:25 AM UTC

Hi! A battle outcome is calculated as the ratio of the strength of your troops to your enemy's forces. The result will depend on the off / def power of your army and the power of your opponent (including all the Bonuses). Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose the exact formula of an outcome, but you can ask our experience players on the Forum for some tips ;) Don't give up! 

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29 June, 2017, 7:47 AM UTC

Fortress are really weird. So when attacking you want to do the biggest attack possible in 1 hit. They are not like beacons/castles where ratio stays same no matter what. Fortress works with whoever has overpowering force. To have about a 1:1 ratio you need to send x2.5 about of what the defenders have. You will spend lots of offence trying to downgrade forts in multiple hits. And if you need to upgrade yours, this is why many leagues do a mutual downgrade/upgrade with friendly leagues :)

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