True friends...

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Amelia Stormfall
24 February, 2017, 6:56 PM UTC

True friends are the ones you do not need to ask for help because they have already attacked all your enemies and stationed Reinforcements at your Castle!

Leave a comment if you have made some meaningful friendships in Stormfall!

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Admiral Ferren
27 February, 2017, 8:53 AM UTC
The best leagues are families, and the Imperial Allies certainly fit this description. We share major events,  pictures,  and whatever we're doing at the time with the league. We take care of each other, offering comfort and advice when it's 
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27 February, 2017, 7:37 PM UTC

I too faced the same incident. I just shared the screenshot of the enemy then all the league member attacked and destroyed enemy castle. Approx 40 members attacked. This is all about team work.

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14 March, 2017, 8:19 AM UTC
I have like 20 dif members reinforcements when someone atks n the players not on we can look after each others castle til they log on.. I've even extended out to others in same alliance in my area to coordinate n push away the enemy's 
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