TheChosenOnes Alliance of Storm-fall

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8 February, 2017, 4:40 PM UTC

The "TheChosenOnes” Alliance of Storm-fall

I was commissioned to write the history of TCA an old alliance that existed within Storm-fall history. My information comes from face-book chat room as it was one of their main ways of communication among the TCA alliance marshals. There are still few things which are left for speculation and only wrote what I think and understood to the best of my ability.

TCA faced many great challenges as their former leader and founder known as Playboy decides to leave his seat of command to his captains. At this point, the alliance had few leagues under its wing but faced much need structure change in leadership. Lead by their new leader Senjin who happens to be their co-founder which is claimed by their previous leader Playboy.

As the new leadership try and sort out their own internal problems, their external problem were still at large. Their war with RE (Russian Empire) alliance was at a critical stage. Apparently, RE along with other leagues attacked TCA beacons. Despite the internal problem, TCA wasn’t about ready to throw in the white towel as they retaliated and fought back with all their might. The battle for beacon dominion continued between the two sides .

As things were starting to settle internally, rumors of ZRA and RE alliance to join forces has spread but thankfully for TCA. This has not come to pass. Information came across that RE is about to launch another assault against TCA but having intercepting this information. TCA along with their allies decided to counter attack this threat by targeting them first. TCA alliance proved to be vigilant in conducting CTA and monitoring their enemies through their spy network.

The first major dispute that occurred with the new existing leadership was the removal of several members from TCA alliance. They were claimed to be traitors. However, I did not find any info about the accuracy of this claim and it felt a very sudden decision making without even informing their main leader Sinjin about the situation until it was too late. However, it felt like TCA members were too loyal to their own alliance, so any form of betrayal was completely unacceptable. However, an interesting fact is the person who got removed named lion played a key role in getting friendly allies to help TCA in their wars. This felt like a critical mistake to remove such a player while still having major enemy around. Again I don’t have much details about this incidents and this is just my own speculation and thoughts on this matter.

Regardless of their internal issues and conflict, TCA learned about a major war that will break out in Storm-fall. HRV league along with STF alliance were planning to attack RE. This was an extreme change to their beacon war between them and RE as other strong alliances have come into play. The combined attack of HRV and STF that was conducted destroyed all of RE beacons within few hours only. During this stage of history, talks were even carried out on whether TCA would join STF alliance. However, the leadership of TCA refused and remained on their own.

The next major dispute/conflict event happens when Playboy returns and hopes to restore his alliance former glory by bringing back several of their previous members that were kicked by the existing leadership. Unfortunately, this didn’t go well with current leadership as they did not approve their return. Apparently, many discusses occurred during this stage of the game. Merger talks were under way and agreement was reached to bring in those previous members but into a completely new league of their own. Again, it shows that Playboy didn’t want to be part of politics but wanted to expand his alliance in order for it to grow. However, at this point information and records are lacking. I have yet to know the reasons on why TCA alliance collapses.

Hopefully, more info may become available in the future. For now this is the only part of TCA history which was retrieved from their face-book chat room known as TCA loyalist. Hope you enjoyed it!

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