Stormfall: Fall of STFU

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23 January, 2017, 5:28 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU

[The story is a work of fiction and all character are indeed nicknames from various players in Stormfall, but the story does not reflect their true character. I apologize in advance if I have offend any of you as I tend to write something funny by mixing history and reality together]

Chapter 1

The ancient alliance of “Symphony of War” (aka SW) came to an end, all the leagues who once prospered under it are now facing annihilation. The only way out for these suffering leagues is to seek out refuge under another alliance. And then came the Red Knight who offered them sanctuary by joining his alliance that was known as “Stormfall the Faithful Union” (aka STFU note: not the true name but heck, not planning to write any swear words in the story). Lady Sif a noble woman and once leader of the ancient alliance of SW led her main league “Simple Society” along with her entire family to join the STFU alliance in hopes of prosperity and peace. The surviving leagues of SW held celebration in joining their new alliance. However, in time, they will soon realize their proud new alliance is not all what it seems to be.

Over the years, STFU has made countless enemies against other alliances forcing several of their leagues to leave STFU and create their very own alliance. However, Lady Sif and her family remained loyal and continued to fight STFUs’ wars for them. One day, Lady Sif received a letter urging for a secret meeting with the other two most powerful family leaders. And so our story begins…

One day in the outskirts of coordinates 1234,-4321 the three leaders finally sit together to have a little chat..

Bronx: It’s good to see you again Lady Sif still alive and well I see…(looks disappointed to see her)

~~Bronx the leader of Blood Prophecy contributed to the destruction of SW and once a sworn enemy to Lady Sif. Apparently, Bronx believed to receive a Prophecy by destroying SW, he would become the true ruler of stormfall, but alas the prophecy was just a dream.~~

Lady Sif: Have you forgotten what you have done to my family? Yet you still wish to seek my audience. Tell me, why shouldn’t I just kill you where stand? And make your bloody prophecy come to life with your blood!

Rage: I hope you would calm down my lady, for getting angry is my specialty. RAGE!!!

Rage leader of the Dragons, he is…… (yep nothing much to add here, let’s move on. ?)

Lady Sif: Rage??? What’s this all about Bronx? What’s the purpose of this meeting?

Rage: It is I who arrange for this meeting of the great families. I wish to form a pack with all of you.

Lady Sif: What is your purpose?

Bronx: Why to form a new alliance… One that would last for generations to come.

Lady Sif: An alliance with you? You must be joking

Bronx: Am I? How long will you let your family suffer?

Lady Sif: What?

Bronx: How long will you obey the Red Knight and do his bidding?

Lady Sif: Red Knight has provided me sanctuary. What could possibly force me to betray him?

Rage: My lady, I’ve intelligence that your alliance will go to war against B2W (aka Born2War)

Lady Sif: No, Red Knight won’t do such a thing. A war against them will cost us millions of lives!

Bronx: Not to mention, the amount of credit cards that will be abused….

Lady Sif: Will you shut your filthy mouth?

Rage: My lady, if you do not act quickly and make a decision, your people will suffer the most.

Lady Sif: I cannot do such a thing, there is no proof of this war, only speculation. I will not form this pack.

Rage: But my lady…(Bronx interrupts)

Bronx: Let her be Rage, she isn’t thinking straight.

Lady Sif: Of course not, you killed my husband!!!

Bronx: He stole my gym membership card!!

Lady Sif: Do you even go to the bloody gym?

Rage: ENOUGH!!! You keep fighting like children. It’s time to end your differences for the sake of your families and mine.

Lady Sif: I bid you farewell, my lords.

Rage and Bronx: Same to you, my lady.

(Lady Sif leaves the two who continue their discussion…)

Rage: Is there no hope? Are we meant to be torn apart like this?

Bronx: Do not worry Rage, Lady Sif will come around. Once this war occurs, she will reconsider.

To be Continued

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