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27 December, 2017, 4:42 PM UTC

First off I play the game on a netbook using the Plarium App for windows.

After the last big update there were many nice improvements - the larger chat screen, and many of the other game windows were larger making them easier to read - however the "purchase" windows (not available yet on the app) are so big the images fill the screen, and the holiday gift was as below. So big that no "buttons" were visible, you couldn't scroll in any direction, meaning I couldn't accept the gift, and the only was I could close it was to go back to the main Plarium menu! The image header for offers is similarly huge, but scrollable so I can navigate and click "close".


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28 December, 2017, 3:42 PM UTC

Hello, my Lord! Thank you for the information. This information will be passed. Could you please send me the coordinates of your Castle (you can PM me).

Thank you in advance!

Also, PC version of the game is still in development and we do all our best to make it better. 

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