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Is this a PvP War Game or what?!

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25 July, 2015, 3:12 AM UTC

Greetings, dear Overlords of Darkshine!

I've been battling across the continent for almost two months. I am so impressed with the upkeep of the kingdom, as well as the vast numbers of warriors populating this great kingdom.

My warriors, however, are getting restless. They are getting FAT, lazy, bored. The lowest among them sacrifice themselves upon battlegrounds using all the best tactics, but their deaths do little to inspire greater recruits for the cause. I've spent much gold in bribes and kegs to recruit more troops and hire great dragons.

But, alas, my warriors come from other lands, and they are accustomed to daily bloody battles. They crave the hunt for blood. And yet it seems this kingdom is designed for only a small battle every week or two.

My warriors have begun to sit around the tavern HUGGING each other.

They talk of the numbers they'd need to quench their bloodthirst. Two grand fighting tournaments a week, about 500K in strength each for just the average lady or lord who holds average coin in their purse. They say if I allowed them twice as many raids a day, they could quench their bloodthirst on the average lord or lady who preferred not to share food and drink when requested; another 200k times 7 days. And then they speak of those Great Beacons, those cities they protect for their team, and they would like to grow about 100k a week.

My warriors feel every day is a good day to die, and they are passionate about running into battle on a daily basis. I, myself, enjoy a couple hours of strategic battle action after dinner in my keep. Maybe even more than a couple. And I don't mind contributing a few coins to the cause.

To quench this bloodthirst, I'd need to be able to train at least 1.5m - 2.5m in strength a week... and at a certain level, I'd expect troop training times to increase to allow for training at this speed. As it stands, I am able to recruit only about 350k or so a week, which is already a struggle given I cannot push them to attack more than 14 times in a day.

They've spoken of putting in a couple barracks next to my keep-- there are some empty building there, after all.

I dearly hope that the Overlord of Darkshine can see their way to increasing the grand battles across this great kingdom. I hear mutterings of bored soldiers thinking of defecting to other kingdoms far away, and as this is the most solidly built kingdom I've seen in a long time, I would hate for that to happen.

Every day is a good day to die--and kill. 

Thank you.

PS: I hear much fun can be had if ALL the lords and ladies of ALL regions could communicate in Global Chat, and ALL the lords and ladies of certain languages could communicate in Regional Chat. Why, sometimes my own league mates cannot see the great speeches given that I can see. It's my second biggest disappointment.

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29 July, 2015, 8:57 PM UTC

nice post my friend :)

I've only been playing this game for a few weeks and the PVP here is absolutely terrible. I tried to attack my friend who is located on the opposite end of the map and it took approximately 23hours for my units to arrive and another 23 hours for them to return to my castle. You're limited to whom you can attack in this game, you can't relocate your kingdom, and there aren't many of these fighting tournaments you speak. The animation and graphics are nice compared to Game of War but at least in Game of War, you can PVP as you please and they hold massive KVK battles where your kingdom fights against four other kingdoms. This game doesn't have anything like that so it gets boring really fast.

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