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A bit of advice on both Beacon PvP and taking Beacons in general.

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4 July, 2015, 8:06 PM UTC

For those of you who are in leagues that do not hold a beacon, I feel compelled to inform you that when you send your 350k offensive army at a beacon in hopes of getting Beacon PvP points you are simply wasting your troops. 

First of all, let me lead with this. You cannot capture a beacon by yourself, or even with 30 of your closest league mates. To capture a beacon you need to have at least 60-80 players sending a minimum of 300k offense each. (And this would be a raid against a weak league with 2 or more beacons that do not have the defense to hold all their beacons.) Additionally, never raid a league that holds a single beacon. It is simply not worth it mathematically, seeing as that league most likely has every defensive troop they own within the beacon. Even if you do somehow manage to take it, you lost too much of your offense in the process.

Now when it comes to Beacon PvP I want to tell everyone that the rewards are simply NOT WORTH IT. The only way you are earning anything of value is by sending only units you don't care about towards a beacon for some quick points. (Say you had 500 spare infantry and a few hundred calvary for example.) Sending your dragons, warlocks, necromancers, or any other strong high-leveled unit is a WASTE OF RESOURCES. The amount of points you will receive by literally sacrificing these troops will not equal a fair reward of Necromancers. (Or Golems if you choose.)


I would like to finish this topic with a question, open to any players or Admins to answer. Why is it that if a league has 100 of their members send raids of 20-200k offense at a beacon, all of those members receive points? Meanwhile, the defending league suffers defensive losses of anywhere from 2-20m  and receives relatively no points at all, in comparison to the total amount of troops lost throughout the event? Each Beacon PvP my league sustains millions of damage, in total, yet the way you have beacon defense set up no one receives points. (Since the damage is spread among the total defense, no one receives a fair amount of points.)

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16 July, 2015, 8:24 PM UTC

As a seasoned player in SF, I'd like to take a stab at answering this question.


In order to receive pvp points, you must either a) lose enough troops or b) lose enough troop value. I personally think it is the latter.


The reason you see yourself gaining pvp as an attacker is because you sent enough 'troop value' to warrant a reward in pvp points. The reason the defensers do NOT receive pvp in many cases is because the damage incurred is spread out amongst many players. Most notably the one with the highest amount of defense in the beacon at that moment. When the system determines who gets pvp points, it's going to be those who lost enough 'troop value' to warrant a pvp reward.


Just my 2 cents

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24 July, 2015, 3:23 PM UTC

I'd also like to proffer a contrary view in regard to participating in the Beacon PvP tournament.

Yes I do agree that the unit reward is not worth the unit losses you will incur but they aren't the only rewards, in particular Soulstones and Skull Runes may warrant throwing a hundred thou or so at a beacon. Soulstones have a very limited number of sources and you'll need 2700 of them to get all the Lost Arts and while Skull Runes are easier to get they come in smaller quantities.

As always consider how best to use your units and whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

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