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My new coven

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10 June, 2015, 5:34 PM UTC

I dontt know about you but for us Italians participation in a coven is a serious matter.
The Italian congregations were formed mostly by Italians.
Among Italians we do not cling, apparently; we do not steal sieges, apparently; we help each other, apparently.
After nearly a year in an Italian coven, I decided to change and become part of a foreign's: "Destiny".
Why Destiny?
Why not?
It was enough to send one message to Test, to be accepted.
it was enough to introduce me in chat, to be accepted by the other members.
Me, small Italian player, with large limits because of the language, i'm part of a congregation that is a family, where respect is put first and the play action you decide always and only for the improvement of the global game.
No appeal to my Italian fellows but if you could take an example, you could probably grow more.
To my new playmates i only say: "Thank you, from the heart, from the heart."

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11 June, 2015, 2:35 AM UTC

Thanks for the kind words.


It's a pleasure having you apart of the Destiny family :)

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