Mathematically, all of the stats shown to league members with privileges are wrong.

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18 January, 2017, 5:09 AM UTC

Today I was discussing with a league mate how the stats, as seen through the stats tab, do not match up with the numbers shown if a player were to collect all of their defensive troops in their catacombs then press recall. Some players statistics are off from anywhere between 100k - 3m. (And no, it is not simply because they gained or lost troops since the game last updated.) 

After seeing this difference in statistics through in game displays, I decided to make a spreadsheet of my league member's statistics and compare my results to the numbers shown in game. My findings make my previous paragraph seemingly insignificant in comparison. 

I added up the individual "defense at beacon" statistic for each member of my league. Then I added up the "Defense at beacon" shown in the garrison for each beacon and compared the two sums. 

Shockingly, the sum total of the individual "defense at beacon" was nearly 1.7x the total given to me by adding up the three totals shown at the top of each beacon garrison.

How is this possible? The math simply does not check out. If the stats page shows each player's total defense at beacon, when you add up the "defense at beacon" numbers the sum should be equal to the total of all troops garrisoned at beacons. Simple as that. To be off by such an enormous amount of defense is ludicrous. Is it that the individual player's bonuses, from Hero Gear etc., are not included? I highly doubt that seeing as there is such a stark difference in the numbers shown.

I have asked around with other leagues and the common response is "This game makes no sense." I'd really appreciate it if someone, particularly an admin, could shed some light on the situation. 

Thank you :)

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19 January, 2017, 12:22 PM UTC


The reason is that stats you see in the League don't include bonuses so they are different to stats that player can see in their own Castle.

That's how statistic feature works. To know real stats you can ask player to check them in the Catacombs.

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