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Do defeats at battlegrounds affect how many powerful units one gets as rewards?

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17 April, 2015, 10:13 PM UTC

I already posted these questions in the "Strategy" section of the forum, but it's so quiet there, that I'll post them here too:


What I would like to know is whether losing at a battleground has an affects on whether one gets powerful units as a reward later on when eventually winning at the same battleground.


When I started attacking battlegrounds in the beginning, my strategy was to make sure I had a large enough army, and then attack the battlegrounds with full force and destroy them completely at the first attack attempts. And back then I used to get more powerful units as rewards almost every time after a victory. Now though when I have reached higher levels, it takes time to build a large enough force to destroy a battleground in one attempt. And because I'm impatient and don't want to wait a whole day just to get enough troops for one large attack on a battleground, I've decided to attack battlegrounds with several smaller armies. Inevitably, the first attacks lead to a defeat, and only after a few attacks do I finally destroy the battleground completely. The problem is that now it feels like I'm not receiving any powerful units as rewards!


Is it possible that the game does not "pay up" if one destroys a battleground little at a time and loses a few times before winning? In the strategy part of this forum (when talking about battlegrounds) Lady Amelia says that "the more Units that sacrifice themselves in the name of Stormfall, the higher the reward will be." Is it possible that the game only recognizes the amount of units one uses to win at a battleground, and ignores the units one used in the previous attacks on the same battleground?


An example:

Scenario 1: I attack a battleground with 100 units, I win, and the game rewards me with more powerful units.

Scenario 2: I attack the same battleground five times with 20 units each. The first four lead to me losing, but the fifth group of 20 units leads to victory.


Does the game ignore the first four attempts (4x20 units) and just think that I won with 20 units (fifth attempt) and that I'm therefore not worthy of more powerful units? Because that's how it feels right now. I'm not getting more powerful units as I did before. Right now I haven't gotten more powerful units from the last seven victories at battlegrounds! All of these victories came after several losing attacks on these battlegrounds.

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11 May, 2015, 4:09 PM UTC

This question seems related to the "battelground lifehack" half-tip, and an answer would also interest me. I never tried sending smaller groups, though; I'm still a noob, and I do thing my noobish way.

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