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I accidentally lost my account and no reply yet from SF!

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14 August, 2016, 1:20 PM UTC

Help me please SF guys,

 I accidentally lost my lvl 45 account named Baww by creating a new castle on the same server that I got my lvl 45 castle, actually i meant to create on another one, so hope you would be helpful as always, it would be great if do. I already spent ahout 15$ on in-app purchases. I will ofcourse spent more if can get back mine, if not I will be forced to stop my long journey with SF.

I already report this through in game but no response yet from you. I hope this time it would.

Okay I got it back thanks to you.
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15 August, 2016, 7:43 AM UTC

Hi, Romeo!

If your Castle was linked to Facebook or account, you can restore it by logging in. 

However, if it was not linked, you will be unable to get it back.

Our Support Team may answer with a delay, but they will check if it's possible to help you, and will give you a reply as soon as they can.
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