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Translation and avatars

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15 July, 2016, 11:48 PM UTC

Hello.  I really enjoy this game, and would like to make a couple suggestions. 

1.Hispanic Avatars.  The Latinas and Latinos are a force to be reckoned with,  and there are many players who should be honored with fitting avatars! (I'm white,  my fiance is a Latina) 

2.It is difficult to converse with players who speak a different language.  I understand that Google has a translator,  but it's not very convenient for this game.  I hear Clash of Kings has this feature; it would be great if Stormfall offered it as well. 

Thank you for your consideration.  

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20 July, 2016, 1:26 PM UTC

Hi, Stevie!

1. Unfortunately, we are not plannong to add more avatars into the game for now. I understand that there are many players who wish to have a fitting avatar, but we can't please everyone. 

2. It's a good idea and I would like to know is other players support it.
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