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Don't be a quitter! Join the Unknown!

Don't be a quitter! Join the Unknown!

May 13, 2015, 00:1405/13/15

Don't be a quitter! Join the Unknown!

Hello Lords and Ladies of Stormfall! :)


Whats more scarier than being in a league called Unknown? Nothing is! Being unknown and a shadow among the game should be scary enough!

Super simple introduction about the league; we're a group of some of the top leaders of powerful alliances that is on a different app and decided to try out a new app. So here we are!


Some perks of the league:

1. We're all loyal & helpful players. Our #1 goal is to make YOU the best player in the game! Reason why is because the league is only as strong as it's weakest player. Imagine a necklace with a damaged link. The necklace becomes weak and falls apart, right? Same concept here.

2. We offer an immense collection of information and guides over the game at your disposal(LINE App is required to gain access to them).

3. You DO NOT have to be a big spender. It is completely fine if you don't spend money on the game. Why, do you ask? Well because another perk to this league is we sometimes run our own tournaments with the rewards either being resources or sapphires!

4. We do league challenges and league tasks, depending on what is going on. They vary.

5. We're all here to have fun, respect each other and help build the league to get to the top!


Finally and lastly, the rules of our league:

1. Don't harass other members of the league or ask them for explicit pictures. The safety of my members is my #1 priority.

2. Be active in the game(inactive for 4 days without notice will result in getting kicked from the league).

3. Be respectful to other members and players. I'm not saying you can't farm a whole league, I'm just saying that if someone ask you not to farm them anymore for whatever reason, respect them and don't raid them anymore. Unless they're on our hit-list, then by all means, have fun :)

4. Have fun, ask questions and learn.

5. Be talkative in game chat and on LINE. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

6. Do not attack allied leagues or alliances.

7. Share your opinions/suggestions on improving the league.

8. Contribute to the growth of the league!


Super simple rules and they're all easy to follow! If you want to join, add me on LINE by my User ID: fear_alpha and message me saying you want to join the league. Alternatively you could tap "League" at the bottom of your screen in game and search for "Unknown". If all else fails, then you can do it the old fashion way by going to your map, tapping "Go" and putting in these magical coordinates = x: -372, y: -380 and then just shoot me a message saying you want in the league!