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'SG2' GUILD -Looking for more players!

'SG2' GUILD -Looking for more players!

Jun 3, 2017, 14:5006/03/17

'SG2' GUILD -Looking for more players!

Hello to the person who read this topic!

My name is ' S.T.O.R.M ' - and i'm Captain at ' SG2 ', league

I make this topic because we recruiting more people in our league

Dosen't matter your Country, if you know ' English ' it is ok!

We need player's with minimum level like 65 

And maximum level like 80

So if you have level 65 or 80 and you are active you can contact me here in privat message or in game at coord's : - x: 364, y: 212 

In present we have 87 member's and we using " Line app " for talking and much more. 

We want to go on 110-120+ member's.

If you are intersted 'PM' here or in Game.

I wish you good l