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BearClaw Warriors Looking for New Recruits!!

BearClaw Warriors Looking for New Recruits!!

Nov 6, 2016, 23:1611/06/16

BearClaw Warriors Looking for New Recruits!!

  We are a new league, been around now for about 2 months. We are small but always growing!! We may not have tackled Beacons or Capture the Flag Tournaments, but we are very active in the PvP Tournaments and Battleground Conquests and done very well for our size. But we hope to be able to progress into those areas in the future with the help of some strong members! 

  We have some basic rules that all members of the BearClaw Warriors must follow:

    1. Be Active - Numbers within the league are always important but just logging on and off and not participating won't cut it. Sitting idle and reaping the benefits will only get you booted from the league. When we win, we win together and we all enjoy the rewards of our efforts. Everyone has their strengths whether it be PvP Tournaments or maybe it's the Battleground Tournaments, whatever it may be, we want 110% from you.

     2. Login - You need to check in at least every 3 days. This game for the most rewards is setup for you to log in every day but we understand that real life happens. You may not be able to log in every day but you should be able to login at least every 3 days to keep you out of the Long Ago status. Unless you are an established member and you go into Long Ago status you will be booted from the league.

     3. Quests - League Event Quests and Daily Quests are a given that need to be done. These help boost the League to attain awards which aid us in achieving better League Rankings. If you only log in for 5 minutes, don't really know why you are playing this game.

     4. Chat RoomWe believe in being social, interacting with one another and getting to know your fellow members who ultimately are going to be helping you in various aspects of the game. Get to know the officers who are going to guide you when you are in a situation you may need answers for or ask advice from fellow members.

   Overall, we are all about a family feel within our league. We want you to be strong players within the game and be successful and grow but ultimately we want you to have fun. We don't believe in drama within the league and we all believe in not only enjoying the game but making some lasting friendships across the world.

 Join up with BearClaw Warriors and see if we are the league are searching for!!!


Marshal GrizzlyBear

BearClaw Warriors