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Lions Jungle is recruiting

Lions Jungle is recruiting

Mar 30, 2015, 13:0303/30/15

Lions Jungle is recruiting

Hi players,

We from the Lions Jungle are recruititng for new players.... We are an english speaking league. We have some dutch players like me and a good mix from other countries. Most of us are between 25 and 40 years old. We only accept active members. So active is like every day a moment online or at least a moment online in 2 days. But also participating in the chat and comming with ideas to develop in the league. Because we want u to know the basic of basic we want u to have a minimum lvl of 30.


What do we have to offer you?

- Sharing our resources with you. IF ure warehouses or barns are full we are willing to help u with the rss that are low in ure castle.

- Instant help if you get attacked by other players. Possibe reinforcements in ure castle from our players.

- An active chat where our members get to know each other real fast.

- An app for communicating outside stormfall. We use the Line. An android app where we try to develop new strategies and other fun things.

- A rank appropriate to ure input in the League...

- Help from our experienced players. Possible someone who will be ure buddy to help u in the beginning of developing ure castle and armies.


U can find us at : Lion Jungle

Or PM at DutchGaruda or PM the marshal l Nessa l


Hope to hear from u soon!