New Tournament Coming Soon!

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20 June, 2019, 12:35 PM UTC

New Tournament Coming Soon

Get Ready For The League Brawl!

A special new League Tournament is on the horizon - the League Brawl!

In this Tournament, your League will be matched with an Opponent League to compete with. Both Leagues must complete a variety of Tournament Tasks to earn Tournament Points. The tasks can be viewed in the "Info" tab of the Teaser found in the Events window. There are a huge number of Tasks so all active League Members can earn Tournament Points easily.

Every League will be placed in a Tier based on the Tournament Points earned in the previous League Brawl. The higher the Tier, the greater the rewards. For the first Tournament, Leagues will be divided into Tiers based on their overall strength to make it competitive and fair.

To claim Rewards, League Members must earn at least one Tournament Point. Each League Member can earn one or more of the following rewards:

- Reward for Winning the League Brawl. If your League earns more Tournament Points than your Opponent League, you can claim this Reward after the Tournament finishes.

- Reward for Ranking in the Top 10 of your Tier. If your League earns enough Tournament Points to be ranked among the Top 10 Leagues in your Tier, you can claim this Reward after the Tournament finishes.

- Reward for Completing Stages in your Tier. If your League completes a Stage, you can claim a Reward immediately.

To participate in this Tournament, the following conditions must be met:

- You must be a member of a League for more than 7 days

- Your League must not be in the process of being dismissed

- Your League must have more than 5,000,000 Total Power (Your League Marshal and authorized League Members can check it in the Statistics tab)

- Your League must have been created more than 30 days ago

- Your League must be matched with an Opponent

View the League Brawl Teaser in the Events window for more information. Ready your League to rule Darkshine!

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