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 Monthly Developers' Feedback: November 2019

Monthly Developers' Feedback: November 2019

AlinaCommunity Manager
Dec 11, 2019, 15:1612/11/19

Monthly Developers' Feedback: November 2019

Greetings, Lords and Ladies! 

Winter is here, so it's high time to share Monthly Developers' Feedback for November with you. Check it out below.

1. Some players would like their Champions to give bonuses to the Stoneheart troops, too. 

We've got plans to work on the Champions further, so there is a chance that they will extend their influence on the Stoneheart troops in future.

2. Add button "Complete All Quests" to the Divine Quests menu.

We agree that it would be a great improvement and save your time, so we're going to add the button soon. 

3. Add possibility to select units in parts (1/4, 1/5, 1/6) or in %. 

We think that the current selection of units is working fine, so this would be excessive.

4. Add new Battlegrounds.

Our players constantly ask us to add new Battlegrounds. We're monitoring players' progress to add them in time. For sure, you'll see new Battlegrounds in future. And for some platforms they've been already added in the recent updates.

5. Improve rewards in some of our events. 

Rewards may vary from one event to another. It's okay, however, we're always open to your feedback and may consider it while planning them.

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us. Don't forget to submit your ideas to see them in the Monthly Developers' Feedback for December! 

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