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Monthly Developers' Feedback: October 2019

Monthly Developers' Feedback: October 2019

Nov 8, 2019, 15:5111/08/19

Monthly Developers' Feedback: October 2019

Greetings, Lords and Ladies! 

Halloween has passed, which means it's high time to share Monthly Developers' Feedback for October with you. Check it out below. 

1. Some players would like us to change the minimum amount of points required to collect in the League Brawl whereas others suggest that League Marshals should be entitled to set it individually for each League.

We do like your fighting spirit, that's why we'll definitely consider this idea.

2. Increase Oberon's level. 

Yes, it's quite possible in future since we're monitoring players' progress to add new levels in time.

3. Add new Battlegrounds.

Again, we're monitoring players' progress to add new Battlegrounds in time. For sure, you'll see more Battlegrounds in future.

4. Some players think there should be more incentives added to the Ranks. A few additional perks and bonuses like a % boost in offense/defense, etc. 

We find that it's an interesting idea, and the game team agreed to consider it. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on it, please comment below. We'll make sure to have a look at them.

5. Add the Cancel button in case you accidentally start breaking your Hero Equipment.

We do understand that some Hero Equipment is too precious to lose it by accident. That's why we've decided to add the Cancel button.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Hurry up to submit your suggestion to see it in the Monthly Developers' Feedback for November! 

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