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Stormfall: Rise of Draka 2

Stormfall: Rise of Draka 2

Nov 11, 2017, 08:3111/11/17

Stormfall: Rise of Draka 2

Chapter 2: The Rise of the Orcish Empire

Succeeding his father, Balur lead the Orcs to fight their enemies by spreading throughout the land through building strongholds to control lands and territories. Balur not only succeed his father’s throne but inherited his ancestors power to generate armies in countless numbers. He believed that the Orcs must fight honorably in a contest to gain glory and honor. However, many lords and ladies unleash their armies, destroying countless Orc strongholds, gaining reputation and honor reducing the Orcs control over the territories. The Orcs Empire was losing their influence and no longer considered a threat by other kingdoms. Nevertheless, Balur continued his ways but today he is greeted by an unexpected visitor. His younger brother Draka comes to visit today, he has not seen his big brother after he has ascended to the throne many years ago. Draka did not gain Balur's ancestor ability but has vast amount of knowledge in the dark arts of magic. Some even considered Draka as the most powerful sorcerer in all of Stormfall. Today he arrives at the great halls of the Orcish Empire Stronghold that stood in the northern region were the snow and cold took presences. It is there they greet one another. It is there they face each other after such a longtime.

Draka: Greetings brother, it has been awhile

Balur: that's warchief to you. Why have you come here Draka?

Draka: the time has come to change our ways and conquer these so called alliances and their kingdoms that stood against the Orcs.

Balur: enough of this nonsense, I will not change our honorable ways. 

Draka: I know you wouldn't change your mind so easily but a time of change is inevitable

Balur: as long as I rule, the Orcs tradition of war will never change. Now begone of my sight and never return.

Draka: you leave me no choice brother

Draka unleash his dark magic against his own brother and paralyzes Balur along with his guards. He eliminates the guards and shackles his brother with dark chains that curls all around him.

Balur: you dare shackle me, you will pay dearly for this treason!!!

Draka: this way I will have control over the ancestors magic to create countless armies under my command. 

Balur: you will not get away with this...

Draka: you have brought shame to the Orc clans for the last time brother. 

The chains is causing Balur to lose his consciousness as they drain his power away from him while his brother tell him his last few words.

Draka: one day when the Orcs rule over Stormfall, I will grant you a swift death my dear brother. 

Balur's generals enter the room having to find their leader shackled in chains while Draka claims his right to rule. Some of the loyal general stood against him but were mercilessly killed by Draka while the others submitted to his rule. However, one of the Orc generals has sent a secret message about today's event that will reach to the outside world. Telling them what has happened here today and that a storm of war is coming to stay until nothing remains. 

Few days later, the letter has made its way to the gatekeeper of the north who took Balur threat very seriously throughout his life time. It was none other then lord Oberon, the gate protector of the north who read the message that came from his Orc spy telling him of what has happened. Lord oberion cannot believe what has happened but immediately writes a letter in response.

Dear lords and ladies of Stormfall,

The great gates of the north faces its greatest threat the like in which it has never seen before. I request the support of all alliances to help defend the great gate of the north.

Your sincerely,

Lord oberon, the gate keeper of the north

Will the other alliances answer the call of lord oberon for reinforcements? Stay tuned for more chapters to come.