Stormfall: Rise of Draka

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7 November, 2017, 5:53 AM UTC

Stormfall: Rise of Draka

 Chapter 1: introduction

The land of Stormfall is a land dominated by war. Many mighty and powerful alliances fight over settlements to expand their territories and power. While others simply enjoy destroying these settlement for glory and recognition. The greatest recorded alliance that existed throughout Stormfall is the United alliance run and lead by their great leader Lyon. Under Lyon's command, the alliance was always known to control settlement and maintain a strong defense within the western regions of Stormfall. 

Another existing alliance that stood against the united alliance dominance throughout history was knights of Stormfall. Their leader notorious for his cunning and scheming skills lead his alliance to expand in the eastern regions of Stormfall. He was known as red knight the deceiver.

Both of these alliances had similar objectives and were at each other's throats for dominance. However, only one other alliance that stood in the South that match in the strength of the other two alliance was the Ancient alliance that only seek to achieve glory by conquering settlements. Lead by a fearless leader known as shellvader who ruled over the alliance along with her council.

So many alliances existed for centuries, and are well known amongst themselves. But wait there was one more existing power that was completely neglected or forgotten. It may have not even been considered as a threat to begin with. A leader known as Balur who lead the orcish empire through contest of stronghold battles to fight against anyone who would dare challenge his might. However, the Orcs mighty strongholds were vanquished by many lords and ladies of Stormfall making Balur's reputation fall to the ground. It is here that our story will begin, it is here that a new order will rise within the Orcish empire, they will step up the game and challenge everyone that stands in their way. His name is Draka, brother of Balur, who will change the tied's of war within Stormfall. He will raise the Orcish Empire into a force to be reckoned with. 

Champions : Are you ready to face his challenge? Stay tuned for more chapters to come.

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