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Welcome to ULS Council

Welcome to ULS Council

Jul 19, 2017, 15:2507/19/17

Welcome to ULS Council

Welcome to ULS Council

Author (Magic Town): Before we start, I would just like to say a few words. Thank you all so very much. I did not expect in my wildest dreams to reach three thousand views on almost all of the stories that I have published on the forums. And now without further delay, I present to you my latest story. Enjoy!

Hint: Anything in bracket () describes the scene or the persons emotional state.

All Characters are nicknames from Stormfall (SF) players and the story does not reflect their true personality. I simply chose these nicknames specifically as they are part of the current ULS Council as characters for the Story.

Marshall Michael of the “Make Dreams Come True” League wishes to be a part of the ULS council. It is of the greatest accomplishments to be a part of the greatest Alliance Storm-fall has ever seen in centenaries. However, in order to join the ranks of glory and honor, along with many other achievements, he must first pass his greatest hurdle, which is a full intense interview with the Council Members of ULS themselves. Any candidates who wishes to join must send an official form by submitting his/her resume on LINE Chat under the group named “Alpha & Bravo Waiting Room” and await his/her turn to be summoned by the great Council.

Hero: Good Morning, Michael.

Michael: Morning

Hero: How are you today?

Michael: I am good, thank you very much

Hero: If you would please follow me. I will take you to the meeting room where you will have your interview at.

Michael: Great

Hero: It’s quite a distance. I am sure that’s no trouble for you.

Michael: Not at all.

Hero: Since, it will take us sometime, tell me a bit about yourself

Michael: I’ve been playing SF for about a year now and..

Hero: Actually, let’s not talk about SF. I know, you could tell me about your interests or hobbies.

Michael. Not much really, I like to stay in shape by sticking with my gym routine and I work at a local store for a living.

Hero: Okay, cool. Hmm.. are you married by any chance?

Michael: Why yes and with two adorable kids

Hero: Lovely. How old are they?

Michael: One is 1 and a half years while the other just 6 months old.

Hero: That’s nice. Does the wife work as well? Must be tough to raise the kids.

Michael: Not at all. She stays at home to watch over the kids.

Hero: That’s quite helpful. Anyway, we’ve reached the meeting room, so I will take my leave. Good luck!

Michael: Thanks a lot mate

Hero: No problem

(Michael enters the room and sees that everyone is already inside and waiting)

Rave: Your late!

Michael: I am sorry (surprised that he came late)

Showtime: Please have a seat so we can finally start

Michael: Right away

Showtime: Not that seat the other one.

Michael: My bad

Caronte: Let me start this interview. I am Italian so pardon my English

Michael: Not at all.

Caronte: Do you like pizza or pasta?

Michael: Pizza I guess but what does that question have to do with…

Caronte: I don’t like him. He don’t like paste. He disrespect our Italian tradition.

(Michael is getting nervous and worried)

Marcus: Calm down Caronte. He did not mean to disrespect your tradition.

Michael: Yes! Thank you

Marcus: He simply just insulted your Italian culture

Caronte: You disrespect my people!!!

Michael: No, I didn’t mean too.

Caronte: We Italians will burn your castle. Every day!

Marcus: Enough Caronte, you know very well that friendly fire among members is forbidden!

(Michael lost in thought and can’t comprehend how this interview is going to end)

Rave: So how long have you been playing SF?

Michael: Over a year now (feels relief as the question was simple)

Rave: Really?

Michael: Yes (smiles happily)

Rave: So you kind of lack experience

(Michael no longer smiling but tries too)

Michael: I’ve been running my league and trained many new comers

Rave: That’s a basic requirement. I’ve around six to ten line chat groups dedicated to train new comers from several leagues. Also, I maintain and coordinate our jumpers programs to ensure that everyone has contributed to the alliance. Apparently, your league couldn’t fulfill their requirement. Explain yourself!

Michael: I was not able to find a third player to join the jumpers program yet. I am sure that I will find one soon.

Imperator: Not a good excuse. It is the duty of the marshal to handle all league issues in which they lack behind at. You should’ve at least built an alt castle and contribute it to the alliance.

Michael: I didn’t have enough time to make another castle…

Rave: Not enough time and you expect to have more free time by joining the great council?

Michael: I was not planning to slack or anything.

Marcus: Tell me. How on earth can you support the ULS Council? What advantage is there to invite you over?

Michael: I….

Rave: Your updated report mentions that you workout at the gym.

Michael: Hold on. I only mentioned that to hero just moments ago….

Rave: Unacceptable. You need to dedicate at least 24/7 of your time to the alliance especially on weekends when our enemies are most active.

Showtime: Tell me your experience with battlegrounds.

Michael: I am still learning the ways on how to do them.

Showtime: What a disappointment… I’ve been a world champion on the battlegrounds with lots of experience to train others and published plenty of guides for others to follow.

Michael: I will put more effort on that

Showtime: I’ve also been acknowledged as being the Master of Battlegrounds on the famous notorious SF history Chat room. You lack the skills to join this council.

Rave: You also lack experience. Toxic, do you have anything to add?

Toxic: Your updated report says that you are married. Does your wife play SF?

Michael: No sir. She does not.

Toxic: Does your wife support you in anyway like financially?

Michael: No sir. I am the only bread maker in the family.

(The Council Members are starting to feel more and more displeased)

Toxic: Does your children support you in SF?

Michael: My kids? But they are too young to play SF

Toxic: Kids can be taught the ways of SF at a young age. They can help support the main castle and league by building up castles and contribute resources.

Michael: Are you serious?

Caronte: You do not like pasta!

Rave: You lack dedication!

Marcus: You are unable to achieve alliance minimum requirements!

Showtime: You lack battleground experience!

Toxic: You lack family support!

Imperator: You lack proper excuses!

(Michael is at his wits end and sweating like a pig)

Michael: Than I guess that means I am not accepted.

Lyon: Hold your horses

Hero: Yes, please wait

Lyon: I’ve discussed your matter with hero and came to a conclusion.

Michael: What are you trying to say?

Lyon: We’ve accepted you as a new member

Hero: Congratulation mate your now part of the great council!

Michael: I do not believe this.

Rave: Neither do i…

Lyon: Welcome new member and please register your credit card details as well

Marcus: Welcome to the Council

Showtime: Welcome, I will teach you battleground. Don’t worry!

Toxic: Welcome, your credit card details will suffice

Caronte: I guess I can forgive a pasta hater

Michael: Thanks but no thanks I am getting the hell out of here. This place is crazy!

Hero: It’s too late now

Lyon: Your now part of the strongest alliance SF has ever seen. Wait did he just ran away?

Hero: Apparently so

(Michael leave ULS alliance and converts his league to aliens)

Lyon: Alright. Is there anyone else to be interviewed?

Hero: Yes, next person is Magic Town

Lyon: What are you waiting for? Go get him here!

The End!

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