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HRV Witches Chapter 6

HRV Witches Chapter 6

May 20, 2017, 18:0405/20/17

HRV Witches Chapter 6

Witches of HRV Chapter 6

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Crusaders team: Hercules (Hero), Magic Town (MT), Black Feather (BF) & any member from HRV league

Witches Squad: Zora, Love Lord (LL), Kake, Jiggles & Rock

Previously: The witches heads out to HRV Prison along with their captive Storm. The crusaders wakes up and plan for a counter attack. Now, the continuation…

Storm: Why have you brought me here? In my own lab

Rock: You’ve something of value which I need

Jiggles: There is nothing here but junk

Kake: Can I have him now? I am itching to carve him up

Rock: Patients my sisters. Jiggles go and awake our sister LL. She must’ve been locked up in here.

Jiggles: Leave it to me

Rock: As for you, my dear.

Storm: Don’t come any closer!! I will not be a sacrifice to your dreadful scheme’s

Rock: You misunderstand me crusader. I simply want something that belongs to you

Storm: What could I posses that would interest a witch such as you?

Rock: Your experiments are fascinating, especially your viruses

Storm: My virus! What would you want with such a thing?

Rock: Tell me! Where do you hide them?

Storm: Never!!

Rock: Kake I believe this prisoner is ready for some torture, break him!

Kake: With pleasure

Storm: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Jiggles: Here you are LL, don’t worry I will unbind you soon

LL: What’s going on? What are you doing here?

Jiggles: Rock is in charge now, come we must get back to the others

LL: What’s happening?

Jiggles: Rock is planning something. I am not sure what exactly. We will find out soon


Rock: Did he break yet?

Kake: Like glass, he told m everything including his dirty secrets, which I didn’t want to know

Rock: Where is he now?

Kake: Hanged upside down on the roof. He will be of no trouble

Rock: Excellent, now the virus

Kake: Here it is

Jiggles: We are back

LL: We meet at last my sisters but what are we still doing here?

Rock: It’s good your back with us sister but no time to waste. The plan is simple, find a virus and amplified it with magic and contaminate the waters for those cursed humans to drink, bringing them to extinction.

Jiggles: An intruder has approached. He stepped on one of my pumpkins that I have placed outside

Kake: Who?

Rock: Those cursed crusaders. In order for the plan to succeed. I will need to prepare a ritual and time to amplify the virus strength. Do not let the crusaders reach here

LL: We will face them

Kake: We will crush them!

Jiggles: They shall pay the day they messed with us witches!!

Rock: I trust in you sisters. We cannot afford to fail this time.


Hero: Who on earth would keep a pumpkin here?

Hammer: I am surprised you couldn’t avoid such a large pumpkin.

MT: There are few of us left and no way of knowing what these witches are up to.

Hero: Don’t worry I called in for some reinforcements, meet the nightshift employees at HRV prison

Tut: Hello

Black Feather(BF): Hi

Hero: Alright men today is the day we take back our home! Prepare for war!

Hammer: I don’t get it why is he so motivated

MT: He won’t get paid if higher-ups finds out that the witches took over HRV prison

Hero: To battle my brothers!!

(At the entrance, the crusader take cover from enemy fire)

Tut: Who’s attacking us?

MT: I recognize those attacks anywhere!! It’s LL’s needle fire

Hero: Thought we got rid of her

Hammer: The witches must’ve freed her

BF: NO!!!!!!!!!!! I got hit. Will I die?

Tut: Calm down. It’s only a wood prick

MT: You guys move ahead. I got a score to settle with this witch

Hero: Understood. Good luck

(MT distracts LL while the others manage to bypass her)

Tut: Hope he survives

Hammer: MT can take care of himself

Kake: But who is going to take care of you?

Hero: Blasted witch. You managed to escape! What’ve you done to Storm?

Kake: See for yourself.

(Storm hanging upside down from the ceiling, covered with blood, punched wounds all over his body, it was an unpleasant sight to see for the naked eye)

BF: May you rest in peace, Sir Storm the mad scientist. Sire, I will take care of this witch.

Hero: Are you sure?

BF: Positive

Hero: Very well we will proceed

Kake: Not so fast!!

BF: Your quarrel is with me witch. *throws a rock and scores a hit*

Kake: AHHH!!! I am bleeding from my pretty face! You will pay for that!!! *Launches fireballs while the rest evades her*

Hero: We are getting closer now!

Jiggles: Not so fast!!! *throws exploding pumpkins*

Hammer: Take cover

Tut: At this rate, we won’t get to the main witch in time!

Hero: Of all the witches to stop us. It had to be least one with monetary value! I will handle this one!

Hammer: Good luck my lord

Hero: Get going while I distract her. Over her you worthless witch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jiggles: Worthless!!! I will show you! Here have some more pumpkins!!!


Rock: Looks like the battle is intense out there. It won’t be long before the ritual is complete and the end of the human race will soon be upon us. We witches are immune to disease. We shall prevail!!

Tut: Not if I have something to do with it

Hammer: Same here!

Rock: Who and how did you manage to bypass my sisters?

Tut: I am Tut from the nightshift duty at your service

Hammer: As tactical officer of the crusader, nothing is impossible to accomplish. Our brothers are fighting to the bitter end to give us this chance.

Tut: Prepare to die witch

Rock: We shall see about that!!!

To be Continued…

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