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HRV Witches Chapter 5

HRV Witches Chapter 5

May 8, 2017, 16:0105/08/17

HRV Witches Chapter 5

Witches of HRV Chapter 5

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Crusaders team: Hercules (Hero), Magic Town (MT) & any member from HRV league

Witches Squad: Zora, Love Lord (LL), Kake, Jiggles & Rock

Preview: Crusaders captured one witch and now attempts on the mighty Zora. Rock awakens again from a her long slumber. Now, the continuation…

Hero: Any word from our platoon?

Hammer: Our scouts report that they’ve reached Zora’s location and are now engaged in battle

Hero: Excellent, I can smell my end of year bonus. It will be huge

MT: Your underestimating Zora. She is a powerful ancient witch! Do you think a platoon of five soldiers will stand a chance?

Hero: Nonsense, we managed with LL somehow. I am sure our troops are well-trained to handle Zora

Hammer: Sire, word just came from our scouts

Hero: Good, now let’s return back to HRV Prison

Hammer: I am afraid they’ve all been vaporized by Zora

Hero: What? Now, we need to come up with another strategy, how disappointing.

MT: What about all the good men that we have lost today? Surely, you haven’t forgotten their bravery and that we must honor them.

Storm: I got the list of their names

Hero: Fine, announce their useless names to commemorate and honor them.

Storm: List of names includes:






We honor these fallen brothers

MT: Hold on!!! Did you just say Galahad?

Storm: Yes. Is something wrong?

MT: Huh…ah no you may carry on

Storm: We honor these good men who died and served the crusade cause, they shall never be forgotten..*cries*

Hero: Why on earth are you crying?

Storm: five bodies vaporized, nothing left to dissect *cries*

Hero: Enough of your nonsense, since they failed we need another plan of action

Hammer: I’ve a suggestion my lord

Hero: Tell me

Hammer: I have read the records about Zora and apparently she was captured by a single crusader

Hero: Really? Who?

Hammer: His name is Toxic

MT: Toxic is an old veteran who captured Zora 50 years ago. He has long passed away.

Hammer: Not to worry, nothing is impossible for our mad scientist who has revived toxic

Storm: Ah geez, it was nothing

Toxic: Hello everyone!

(Hero & MT were left in shock)


Kake: I sense Zora’s magic flowing from every direction

Jiggles: The ancient witch has risen at last. The time of the witches has come & we will soon govern these lands again.

Kake: Hold on. I sense another familiar presences. Who goes there?

Rock: It is I, the legendary chronicle witch of the old empire. I have been freed at last from my prison.

Jiggles: Splendid. Now, only thing left to do is to destroy the crusaders and prevent them from defeating Zora

Rock: We must make haste. It will be Zora who will lead us to victory.

Kake: You too are an ancient witch rock. You also have the right to lead us.

Rock: Nonsense. I am nothing compared to Zora. When I was young, Zora was already an ancient among us witches of chronicles. She lead us against countless enemies before and will do so again.

Kake: How did we even lose against the crusaders in the first place?

Rock: 50 years ago, Zora was captured by one of the crusaders. I do not know how that happened and without a strong leader to take her place. Our forces crumbled against the crusaders who came rushing against us in countless waves. We were overwhelmed and eventually defeated. Now, quickly my sisters we must aid Zora and eliminate the crusaders who attempt to capture her!


(Zora grows more powerful with every passing time but she sensed a familiar presence who she recognize anywhere and goes after it)

Zora: It’s you!

Toxic: Hello my darling. Missed me?

Zora: You lied and betrayed me!! You kept me imprisoned all these years!!

Toxic: I can’t say I feel proud about it but my feelings for you were true

Zora: Why should I believe your lies? You tricked me with your fake mustache and smile!!

Toxic: I regret the things I have done in the past and I wish to make amends!

Zora: Why should I believe you?

Toxic: Not a day passed by without me thinking about you, my life was meaningless without you

(Zora unable to resist her own feelings starts to ask)

Zora: Why did you imprison me?

Toxic: You know, job pressure, making deadline targets…etc

Zora: How could you betray me?

Toxic: Believe me I regret it to this day

Zora: How can you prove your love to me?

Toxic: There is nothing that I can do except allow you to vaporize my entire soul and body for I hope it will be enough to satisfy your anger and hatred for all these years that I have done you wrong!

(Zora no longer hesitates and strikes, killing toxic slowly and painfully)

Zora: There was one thing I do not understand

Toxic: *cough* (barely conscious) What is it?

Zora: It’s been 50 years. How are you still alive?

Toxic: I am not

(Toxic explodes releasing deadly chemicals inside him which affects Zora who begins to lose control over herself. The witch screams as she no longer capable in handling all the damage and dies)


Hammer: Excellent work!! The witch is finally dead

Storm: It was nothing


MT: Not a bad plan, we got rid of one witch completely

Hero: NOOO!!! This will cut my bonus into half

Rock: I will be the one who cuts you into half!!!!!!!

(The crusaders were shocked and were trying to take out their weapons but Rock knocks everyone down except one Storm who’s left terrified as he sees a witch he hoped never to see awake)

Kake: Remember me!! I will cut you into tiny little bits of pieces

Storm: NOO!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Rock: Stop!! Now is not the time for this

Jiggles: Zora is dead *cries*

Kake: We must kill them for what they have done!!!

Rock: Leave them be! We’ve no time to waste for Zora is gone now. Hence, our plans have shifted! And bring this ugly one along

Storm: Why??? What do you want from me?

Rock: You my dear will bring an end to the crusaders

Storm: What? Never!!! I do not believe you!!

Rock: A prophecy has long been foretold that you would bring destruction to your kind and so you shall!!! Come sisters, let us head back to HRV Prison

(The witches head towards HRV Prison while leaving the rest of the crusaders unconscious except one who manages to overhear everything and wakes the others up)

To be Continued

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May 8, 2017, 17:4205/08/17
ROFL Nicely done magic dear :)
May 19, 2017, 18:0505/19/17

i feel a little sad for killing both you and toxic

Than again u know me how i tend to kill many characters in a funny way

Hopefully you enjoyed it