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Stormfall: Fall of STFU  Final Chapter 8

Stormfall: Fall of STFU Final Chapter 8

Feb 7, 2017, 18:4602/07/17

Stormfall: Fall of STFU Final Chapter 8

Stormfall: Fall of STFU Final Chapter 8 

The story is pure fiction based on few historic events, enjoy!

From his throne room at one of his remaining beacons, Red Knight sits happily as incoming attack reports has slowed down and now plans his own counter-assault against his enemies.

Red Knight: Bedminister!!! Where is General Drake? I would like to share him the good news.

Bedminister: He passed away unfortunately. Anything else you would like to inquire about?

Red Knight: Passed Away than who's in charge of the Conglomerate family alliance in STFU

Bedminister: That would be me, unfortunately.

Red Knight: You said unfortunately twice!!! Anyway, the preparation for counter-attack is going smoothly from Beacon 841. Have my troops prepared to launch a full attack. We will crush DBS-ULS campaign once and for all!!!

Bedminister: I don't quite follow, unfortunately, is there something going on with Beacon 841?

Red Knight laughs ironically, gloating over the obvious, as Bedminister is not aware of his plans

Red Knight: I have gathered the best of my generals in that Beacon, my armies have amassed inside the beacon waiting to be unleashed. I will also soon be transferring there, its much more secured than any other beacon.

Bedminister: Hmm... alright I guess DBS-ULS will soon be crushed, unfortunately for them we have a war to win. Also, I have a full report about our assassination attempt on Showtime.

Red Knight: Well go on what does our spy report say?

Bedminister: This is quite a complicated twist, my lord. I am afraid, it doesn't look good, unfortunately.

Red Knight: Seriously? Give me the details

Bedminister: As you wish

Spy report as follows:

Showtime: We survived the Red Knight scheme, now I must plan another move against STFU!! Glad you helped protect me jumper but what was your name again?

Bacon(BIA): Its Bacon my lord, hold on just getting a call all of a sudden.*See's caller name* Sorry, must take this call.

Showtime: Take your time

Bacon(BIA): Hello

Mistressraven: You bloody fool! I did not issue any orders for you to jump and help anyone.

Beacon(BIA): What? But mistressraven that’s...

Mistressraven: No buts!!! Return back to your post at once *ends the call*

Beacon(BIA): Dammit I don't get much screen play. Mr. Showtime I got orders to go back to main base, see you later

Showtime: Alright, take care buddy

Red Knight: Wait one moment, so showtime is now defenseless, but why?

Bedminister: Be patient!!Now where was I?

Few hours later, showtime having no troops guarding him gets dragged by someone into a dark room and there he meets..

Showtime: Lyon? What on earth is going? Release me at once.

Lyon: Hello, old friend I was not expecting you to live this far out but now its the end of the line!!

Showtime: What on earth are you talking about? Have you gone mad?

Lyon: You have always run the show, always playing the hero, hording all the glory for yourself!! Not anymore, it is time for the entire ULS alliance to shine and show the world of Storm-fall how powerful this alliance actually is!

Showtime: I refuse! I will not step down as leader so easily!

Lyon: Alright, any last words than?

Showtime: Pardon me, what do you mean any last words?

Lyon: Technically, I can just kill you here and blame it on Red Knight, or having received sever injuries from the enemy our leader decides its for the best to step down as leader and assign Lyon as the new head of the alliance, the choice is yours. Either you die or live as a founder of ULS, not a bad deal ain't it?

Showtime: God dammit!! Okay I am stepping down, so now what will happen?

Lyon: Now, we take over three beacons from Red Knight

Showtime: Are you serious? How on earth will you achieve that?

Lyon: Pathetic fool, our alliance is over 300+ leagues waiting to slaughter anyone in there path!!!

Bedminister: That concludes our report and unfortunately, I regret to report that we did lose three beacons against ULS just a few moments ago.

Red Knight suffers a massive headache, feeling dizzy, acting strange.

Red Knight: Damn my blood pressure is acting up, I need my medication, and seriously your suppose to inform me about that sooner!!!

Bedminister: Unfortunately

Red Knight: Not another unfortunately!! I hate that word and I forbid you from using it anymore

Bedminister: Than regrettably that was the full report details which I just got and shared with you, and we got another report coming from DBS alliance. Something about a Secret Weapon they have developed using embezzled funds

Red Knight: What? Secret weapon & Embezzlement!!! Continue!!

The DBS Council of three were they continued their talk about Project SPK

Bronx: I have made Rage drunk again with Herbal Tea, he won't be up for awhile. But Sif seriously are you truly considering to unleash the weapon.

Sif: What choice do we have left? We've no news from Lady-in-waiting about B2W revival and our spies report that pathetic fool (Red Knight) is actually amassing troops inside one of his beacons to launch a counter attack against us. Project SPK is our only choice and our only hope to end this war.

Bronx: Project SPK code named for Simple Prophecy Knight, a weapon we created during the formation of the council of three. Of course, only you and me approved this project, Rage had no idea but funded the full cost.

Sif: Indeed, that idiot is quite useful in his resources.

Bronx: It wasn't easy, I had to drug him every time with Herbal tea, the poor lad is quite addicted to it without knowing the reason. I honestly feel bad Sif, shouldn't we inform him? He is still part of three council.

Sif: NO!!!! If he find outs, it will be one terrifying interrogation from Dragon Knight league! However, the weapon is ready to be fired and hopefully we get satisfying results by destroying the main STFU beacon.

Bronx: OMG! Are you serious the weapon is ready to be fired?

Sif: Yes, what do you think this is? The middle ages? We are an advanced civilization, we can use the weapon to destroy at least three beacons in one go.

Bronx: Do we know which beacon is Red Knight amassing troops in?

Sif: Our spies couldn't get that information, they are keeping it a secret.

Rage: I see, so we must choose randomly three beacons to destroy than shall we begin?

Bronx: Indeed, wait hold on!!! Rage!! How can this be? You were suppose to be asleep?

Rage: I build up a tolerance to the drugs long ago!! Sif & Bronx, we will be having that interrogation pretty soon after this war is over.

Sif: Oh boy!!

Rage: Select three beacons and launch the weapon already!!

Bronx: Weapon has been launched!!

Sif: Confirmed, three stfu beacon are completely destroyed!

Rage: Now ladies and gentlemen, we will be having a discussion on how you have embezzled my money.

Bedminister: This concludes the report, and we confirmed that we just lost three more beacons, regrettably…

Red Knight having trouble breathing and trying to find his blood pressure pill…..

Red Knight: This is impossible, we lost 6 beacons!!! Did they destroy the main beacon?

Bedminister: Nope, our main beacon is still intact, and its ready to deploy reinforcements

Red Knight: The stress of this war is getting into me, we must attack and end this now! Order my troops to attack, destroy them all!!! IN THE NAME OF STFU ALLIANCE WIPE THEM OUT FROM STORMFALL!!!

Bedminister: Alright, you don't have to be so dramatic….contacting our main beacon, contacting our main beacon,….that’s odd I am getting no reply from them.

Red Knight: Hurry up and check!!!!

Bedminister: Strange

Red Knight: What is it? SPEAK!!!!!

Bedminister: My lord, the main beacon 841 has turned dark as night, I am waiting for reports.

Red Knight: Dark as night? *Confused* What are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense…

DBS-ULS Council

Rage: Welcome back lyon, hope you had a pleasant journey

Lyon: All is fine but why does Sif and Bronx look like stressed or rather like dead people

Rage: Ah don't mind those two, they had such a stressful day

Lyon: Alright, now lets get serious. Our enemy has lost 6 beacons with our combined attack, but we got report of another beacon being taken over by someone. Who is doing that?

Rage: Apparently, our secret plan has worked, we revived B2W and now they captured Beacon 841 which had all of Red Knights main attack force.

Lyon: Perfect, so this concludes the war, lets finish them off.

Rage: Indeed, now lets crush the remaining enemy

STFU last beacon fallen to ashes, having finding out his main army was completely destroyed by B2W and losing everything he had. Red Knight no longer can handle the stress and pressure.

Red Knight: Bedminister, I need my blood pressure pills…..

(Red Knight having trouble breathing falls down from his throne room and barely manages to breathe)

Bedminister staring at him and asking: Are you okay?

Red Knight: *Barely speaking and breathing* My pills!!

(Patients with high blood pressure can show symptoms of paralyzed and hallucination among other things)

Bedminister checks the throne room, making sure no one is around to see what she is about to do and kicks Red Knight repeatedly.

Bedminister: Unfortunately for you my lord, the Conglomerate family has officially revoked their membership with STFU alliance, so I no longer work for you, have a good idea and hope you manage to escape the wrath of our enemies. Good luck being haunted for the rest of your life.

Bedminister leaves the room, leaving Red Knight on the floor, miserable and powerless.

Red Knight barely managing to breathe but still says few words: They will pay for this! I will return! I will have my revenge!!! ZRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This concludes the story of “Fall of STFU”, B2W makes a NAP with both DBS and ULS till this date. The DBS-ULS maintained a partnership alliance which did not last for long. STFU no longer an alliance but a stranded league continued to be haunted and destroyed by the everyone!

Tension has risen between ZRA and ULS, the ZRA took major ULS beacon spawns causing an all out war between the two alliance. DBS maintained neutrality with both sides but ended up ending their DBS-ULS partnership.

Thank you all for the support, I regret the delay as I had many major things to handle in real life. Hopefully, this was a nice way to bring out Storm-fall history and give an idea to new players on what has happened in the past with all these alliances and their previous conflicts. Hope you all enjoyed this as I have truly enjoyed writing this.

The End!!!

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Just wanted to let you know that the link you've provided is about strategies and tips for battlegrounds. 

I prefer to write about comedy fiction about my fellow players and alliances history in Storm-full.

Also, i will add later many more stories which were shared in Line Chat Community already.

However, i recently started using your forums as a link and kept it in Line Chat for players to view and read stories over here.


Ali (Magic Town)

Feb 13, 2017, 10:1902/13/17

ali.husain1985 said:


Just wanted to let you know that the link you've provided is about strategies and tips for battlegrounds. 

I prefer to write about comedy fiction about my fellow players and alliances history in Storm-full.

Also, i will add later many more stories which were shared in Line Chat Community already.

However, i recently started using your forums as a link and kept it in Line Chat for players to view and read stories over here.


Ali (Magic Town)

Hi! Sorry, my bad. I was wondering if you would like to tell a real story about your League here - ? 

Feb 13, 2017, 10:2002/13/17
As for the other stories, I will be waiting for them! 
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Roflmao. You are good. I love it. Excellant writting