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Excel Spreadsheet of Event Stats

Excel Spreadsheet of Event Stats

Dec 28, 2020, 02:3512/28/20

Excel Spreadsheet of Event Stats

Hello, so currently after events like the League Brawl, as soon as it ends and players start collecting their rewards, their points go down to "0" and they get moved from the "Active list" to "Inactive" in the Brawl stats tab. 

The League Brawl Stats (PvP, BG, Hamlet, Champion, Special Quests, etc) also decrease as players claim rewards. This is a seperate issue. 

So unless your on right as the Brawl Ends, or you tell your players NOT to claim rewards right away (let's be honest, not gunna happen) then you can't see how you did compared to others in your league. As a League Captain part of Promotions is how you do in the Brawl and Champ Tower. 

Would it be possible to get a button added to events to request an Excel Spreadsheet (or similar) to be Emailed to the In-game Account that requests it? 

Requirements need to have access to this "button" or whatever is possible (maybe through the Support Bot?).

-Must be a Captain or higher 

-Must be in THAT League for 6+ months before you can request. 

-Limit to 1 Spreadsheet request per day per league

- Or instead of the above -Only League Brawl & Champ Tower can be requested. 

The above would cut down on spamming of the system

Stats requested from brawl:

Date, Member Names, Member Rank, Your Member Points (we dont need the other teams member points, just what we can see now), the league stats (mentioned above). 

Champion Tower stats:

Name, rank, Champs Sent, Undead Killed

Feedback welcome.